April 14, 2010

Here and There Updates

This week we've gotten back to normal, after a loco schedule of the seminars, special events, travel, and visitors. We had the young ladies Bible study again Sunday afternoon, and we all learned how to combat lie number 8, "Pretty girls are worth more." It's amazing the things that cross the cultural borders and are take root in the female mind, and I was really thrilled to be able to share God's truth about the doubts, fears, and lies the enemy tries to feed us.

Getting back into the elementary school in Arazaty was great. We've missed the kids and were thrilled to see so many return after their summer break. There are several projects out there that will really make the school a nicer place, so got any volunteers for spending a week or two in Paraguay? This year's Bible classes will work on character development, and we're excited about the opportunity to once again work within the public school system in this little neighborhood.

We visited with the Mortons yesterday in Itaugua. You probably remember them from previous posts, but if not, check out their ministry to abandoned and abused children at www.servingparaguay.org. They have the most precious little girl and are expecting a baby boy in May, and pregnant Sara has been placed on bedrest. So we went armed with a box of cookies to perk her up a bit.

The Martinez family moved to Paraguay a few weeks ago to work with the Mortons. Jayne is a sweetheart with a soft voice, and Joe is a very likeable (important, you know?) psychologist who will be working intensively with the children who live in the homes there. It is such a need, as these kids have been through so many tough situations in their young lives. We are glad to see the Martinez family arrive and get settled in Paraguay. It's always a joy to visit the children's homes in Itaugua and see the progress God is making through the families ministering there.

And lastly, a friend called this morning from the local market, to tell me that a man was walking through selling crocodile meat. I'd been asking around to find some, so Ken jumped on the motorcycle and hunted down the traveling meat salesman, who probably was also the hunter. This evening we ate the best crocodile nuggets ever--thankfully Ken found the bullet BEFORE we bit into it. I flashed back to the last time I had this meal, in Iquitos, Peru. I thought the word they used in the restaurant for NUGGETS was actually the word for CROCODILE. So the next day, we were visiting a village in the jungle when a man came out with his pet crocodile on a leash. I was so proud to know a new word, so when he came my way and offered me the leash, I said, "Oh, wow! Nuggets!" He took the leash back. I thought I was marveling over his pet, but he thought I wanted to cut the little crocodile up into small pieces and deep fry him. That's story #5,378 of how easily I stick my foot in my mouth....


  1. That is so funny (about the man's pet crocodile); you are so goofy at times! Love ya!

  2. Thanks so much for the visit- it helped break up the monotony of laying in bed ALL day!! :) -Sara

  3. Look what happens when I am busy and can't keep up with my reading--I miss so many cool things!!! Glad to know that all is going well! Praise the Lord! I know of a couple who may want to be volunteers! I'll be e-mailing you! :) Have a nice weekend!


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