April 17, 2010

Hospital Visit and Missions Conference

This past week we had the opportunity to spend a little time with a church in Capiata, a little over an hour from us. You may remember them from the recent blogpost, "Meet the Whites." Hollie, Heather (mission intern staying with the Mortons), and I accompanied the ladies of Iglesia Centro de EnseƱanza Biblica on their weekly visit to the children's hospital. While there, we handed out little care packages, prayed with the children, and spoke to the parents/caregivers about salvation. Those who were interested were led in the sinner's prayer and given information on how to continue on their spiritual journey. This hospital ministry has been in operation for 5 years, and the ladies who visit each week have found favor with the staff. They are allowed access into areas that are usually off-limits, and the doctors and nurses are very friendly with them.

This church has been so kind to us, not only hosting one of the prayer seminars with Dr. Henry, but helping us get Spanish teaching material and being a resource for advice. The missionaries who pastor the church have been in Paraguay for 18 years now, and pretty much any problem we come up with, they've "been there, done that." They are always such an encouragement to us.

After the hospital visits, we met up with Ken and the girls and attended the Iglesia CEB's yearly mission conference. The guest speakers were Pastors Clarence and Marion Wright of Guatemala, and all were encouraged by the sermons about the missions call for every believer. Ken and I were given the opportunity during the service, to share what TapƩ Missions does in Paraguay. It was a pleasure to tell about our work here and meet other missionaries who are living out their calling.

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