April 3, 2010

Meet the Whites

Each of the recent prayer seminars was interdenominational, which was just so exciting. Pastors and members from all different churches came together to learn about prayer. The first seminar was hosted by Iglesia Centro de Enseñanza Bíblica in Capiata, Paraguay. Pastor Jerry White and his lovely wife Connie made the most gracious hosts, and it's plain to see that their church is a fully-functioning example of a the living, breathing organism that churches ought to be.

They are actively involved in many ministries, but I think my favorite is the children's hospital. Every week, a few ladies visit the national children's hospital and see some very sad families. They take gifts for the children, pray with the families, and share the Gospel when given the opportunity. Hollie and I are planning to tag along one day and watch the women in action!

Jerry and Connie White have been in Paraguay for 18 years and have a real heart for the people. We are looking forward to getting to know them more and more and learn what we can from these veteran missionaries. Thank you, Iglesia CEB, for allowing us to come share the prayer seminars with your city! Here are some photos of the nights we spent at their church...

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  1. Christie- as Shaun has been visiting Miguel in the children's hospital, he has felt so overwhelmed by the giant need for ministry there- every time they visit Miguel, the other mothers in the room ask him to pray for their children. How great that the Whites' church is already working there!!


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