April 2, 2010

Bring on the Baptists!

What a joy it was to meet the IMB Missionaries, Henry and Tasha Clary and their family. They invited us to have lunch and talk "missions talk" one day while we were in Uruguay, and how wonderfully they treated us all.

We met the Clary family by googling Uruguayan ministries (the internet is just wonderful, huh?), and contacted them about the possibility of them attending the prayer seminars. As the Lord would have it, they had a leadership seminar planned for the Saturday we'd be there, and their guest speaker had just backed out. We began making arrangements via email, but really just didn't know what to expect. You know how it is... I don't meet a stranger, but some folks are STRANGE. So I was a little worried. South Americans, no problem. Americans, sometimes a little weird.

But the Clary family was perfectly fine (glad to hear that, huh, Tasha?) and went out of their way to show us Texan hospitality. We met a Paraguayan man at their luncheon who had moved to Uruguay years ago, and has a great hand for asado and gardening. You'll find him in a photo below giving me a tour of the plants. We celebrated his wife's birthday at the luncheon.

We also made friends at the leadership seminar Henry hosted Saturday, and Saul had a wonderful time teaching there. They had a refreshing spirit of worship and a sweet fellowship amongst the group of house church leaders present.

Later that night, Tasha invited me to speak at a youth meeting she holds weekly. Not only did we meet some great young people that night, but we got to sample her chocolate chip cookie bars. How incredible to see other missionaries in action and find that we have family in Uruguay!

Saul teaching the meaning of PARACLETOS and saying "Asombroso!" a lot... It was a great crowd!

Henry, Tasha, and us...

Checking out the plant life in Uruguay, and getting a few seeds and cuttings. I didn't tell him that I'm likely to kill everything he sent home with me. Didn't want to disappoint this talented gardener, you know?

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  1. Granny would have loved to have gotten her hands on those gorgeous plants!


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