July 16, 2010

How Enlightening!

A couple nights ago, as we were tucking the girls into bed, something a little strange happened. The light inside the hallway got REALLY bright, and the fan sounded like an airplane preparing for takeoff. Our eyes got big and then we both realized what was happening at the same instant. POWER SURGE! We took off like crazy people unplugging everything we could find and turning off all the lights. They were all so bright, and every light fixture and appliance we got to was already making a loud buzzing noise. I was praying as I yanked cords and flipped switches.

While I dug out candles, the men and our visitors went outside to see what was happening in the neighborhood. Lots of people were out looking at the street lights and the transformer, which had apparently been the source of the problem. The next morning, we found that we’d lost most of our light bulbs and some of the fixtures, and the microwave. We thank God that the refrigerator and the heaters were spared. It’s really cold and I’d hate to think about passing the rest of this winter without the heat in the bedrooms. We also had one fixture catch fire inside the wall, apparently, because there are smoke marks and a nasty smell. Fortunately, this home is almost completely made of concrete, so the fire put itself out. This also happened with the shower head, which Ken was able to repair. I really wasn’t excited about the prospect of cold showers in the winter!

Most of our neighbors lost their televisions, but Ken ran right away to the electronics downstairs and got the youth club equipment unplugged in time. See how the minds of the male and female work? I ran for the bedrooms to unplug the heaters, HE ran for the sound system and tv!! Just like a man, huh? Considering we have a concert here tonight, though, I’m glad he thought to get those first, that we were home when this happened, and that God kept us from any further damage.

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  1. Wow! So glad you guys were able to save the stuff that's harder/costlier to fix or replace. Yikes. :S


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