July 9, 2010

A Teeny School in a Far-Off Land

This past week we had the privilege to visit a new little school on the outskirts of Carapegua. When I say outskirts, I mean this place was off the end of the world. We drove and drove down tiny little dirt roads until I thought surely there couldn't be more.

We were told about this school by a young lady who lives a few houses down from me. She's actually the Avon Lady, but she told me a while back that she works as a volunteer teacher in a little one-room schoolhouse. Last week, we packed up an art board from Jamie and Marion and trekked out to find the school.

This young lady is the only teacher there, and she works without pay. A man from the community gave the land for the school, the families built it, and there were four teachers originally teaching there. But three left when they found work with pay, so this teacher is the last one holding the fort. She has 15 students who range in age from preschoolers to 15 years old. It reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.

What a joy to take some cookies and a soda, and hang this art board with the drawing of Jonah and the big fish, complete with scripture and the words, "Trust in God" in Spanish. We also took some elementary-level books my mom-in-law picked up from a yard sale, because the teacher said she had nothing to read to the kids. I asked her how the children bought supplies, and she explained that she picks up stuff when she can.

Well, wouldn't you know that in God's hand of providence, just this week we got news that one of Ken's former workmates was sending an offering. She and her husband were in charge of Vacation Bible School in a church near our home in Greenville, and the kids competed to see if the boys or girls could bring in more money for missions. I'm not sure who won, but I'm sure that 15 boys and girls here will be very glad they gave. I'll report back later on how this VBS investment will be used at the Loma Clavel Elementary School.


  1. How very cool ! - We love schools like this. Bless that teacher. Thank you so much for the feedback you guys always give on the Bible boards - its precious encouragement !!!

  2. Praise God for providing hermana!

    That's a blessing to hear God moving with those children. It breaks my heart that they have needs that can EASILY meet. Yard sales, kids fundraisers and a merciful heart is all we need!

    We love you girl and pray over you!


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