July 7, 2010

New Address

After a year and eight months, we finally have our own post office box. The mail is a funny thing here, but we've found it to be more reliable than expected. If we chose to have a po box here in the town where we live, it would add a couple weeks to the travel time for a typical envelope or package. For this reason, we decided to get a box in Asuncion--the first place the mail sees when it lands in Paraguay. The less hands it passes through, the more likely it is to arrive in one piece, you know. So after stalking those ladies at the mail office in the shopping mall for months and months now, they have finally conceded to rent us a box. We feel more like citizens now that we have this privilege. ;) We are receiving our mail at

Ken and Christie Hagerman
Casilla de Correo 13134
Shopping del Sol
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America

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