September 20, 2010

Birthday Rundown

Yep, Christie is claiming one more year. One more year of getting to live a life I love and be with people I adore and experience a world God planned just for me. Am I blessed or what?

So here's how the day went down. We spent the night before with our pals the Mortons, so that we would be there early to babysit our favorite little rubia, Abi. Her parents needed to attend a very important training session that deals with the homes for abandoned children that they direct, so we were thrilled they entrusted Abi to our care.

We spent the morning checking out the sights near their house, including this rather big lake in Aregua. It was pretty, but I'm disappointed to say that I'll probably never put a toe in this water, which was black and thick. The warm breeze sure was relaxing, though, while I held my breath for the walk down the rickety pier. (Don't tell the Mortons that we took Abi out on that thing....) We had lunch nearby and found a great slice of chocolate cake to top it off.

Abi's parents made it back that evening, so we left in time to attend our friends Silvia and Adolfo's big event. They have been planting a church here in Carapegu√° and were ordained as pastors at a lovely ceremony. In the picture below are Ken and some pastors anointing and praying for them. After the closing prayer, I partook of another slice of cake, and then went back for seconds. It's my birthday, right?

Afterward, it was getting a bit late and I thought my big day was over, but some of the youth we work with came by. Then some more came by. Then another group came by. Next thing you know, we had a living room full and they were singing Happy Birthday to me in three languages. See if you can pick them out. Okay, I'll clue you in. The first two verses are Spanish, the next is Guarani, and the fourth is our classic English. I actually got this same presentation twice because some from this group left and another group came in. They had missed the singing and started it all over again. Below is the video of the first version. Around 2 AM, I crawled into bed, thrilled that I got another day, another year. God is good to me.


  1. Sounds like they have the same problems we do when we sing happy birthday to know, there's always someone singing in the song "Happy birthday, dear Christie", and then there are the others who get mixed up and sing "Happy birthday, God bless you...nice to know some things are the same wherever you go! Happy birthday, Christie and God bless you, too! Love you all, see you soon.

  2. Glad you had another birthday and it was wonderful! :) Have fun in the States!


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