September 17, 2010

Gotta Love Those Motorcycles!

So just let me say that I have a soft spot for motorcyclists. I grew up on the back (or the gas tank, depending on how many of us were riding) of a Honda, and my first dates with my hubby were on a Suzuki. We've had different makes over the years, and my dad eventually traded his Hondas for the Harleys. Now that we're in Paraguay, motos are EVERYWHERE! Granted, practically all of them are 150cc or less, and they putt putt along on the side of the roads instead of powering through like we're used to, but these toned down versions are an inexpensive mode of transportation for many, many folks here.

Now meet Pastor Remigio. He's a early-40's Paraguayan guy we know from a few towns away, who always seems to be at whatever Christian function we're attending. We've passed him walking or riding his bicycle more times than I can count, either attending pastoral meetings/church services, or visiting his people. A little like the USMail, he's riding that bicycle in rain, cold, sun, snow, or hail. Okay, there's no snow here, but the others come in extremes! We see him walking the bike sometimes because it's too wet or muddy to ride it, or because he has other people with him and they don't all fit on the bicycle. How many times did we say we wished we could buy the guy a motorcycle?

Not too long ago, our buddies Julie and Norberto let us in on a missions program the Christian Motorcyclists Association has in operation. They raise funds to provide needy Christian workers in various countries with motorcycles. Is that a great idea, or WHAT? I can just imagine them now having rallies and such, with people supporting them that will never meet Pastor Remigio or the people blessed by his ministry. So we filled out an application for this pastor, held our breath, and HE WAS SELECTED!

The past couple of weeks, Ken and Saúl have been running around with Pastor Remigio buying this suh-weet motorcycle, getting all the needed paperwork, and helping him get his very first DRIVERS LICENSE! Next week, Saúl is planning to teach him to drive. Lord, help this pastor! We're very excited about the difference the motorcycle will make in the life of this dedicated man of God. Thank you, CMA, for getting this pastor off that bicycle and on something with a little more get-up-and-go!


  1. As a member of CMA, it is wonderful to see a motorcycle helping spread God's word.

  2. Loved this blog! Received it via Brenda B. who knows you--I'm a CMA member in the SF Bay Area and sent this to every CMAer on my email--"the fruits of our labors" and we are so blessed! Lisa in CA

  3. I am the president of the CMA chapter in McKinney, Texas. It is great to get to ready your blog. Keep up the great ministry.


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