January 23, 2011

Happy 14th, Camille!

Today we celebrate Camille's life with Paraguayan cake, American icing (woo hoo!), and what has become a family tradition here--homemade pizza. As I type this, the oven is cranked up, the storms have passed, and the electricity is back on. Camille's still not feeling well and all the medicines she's taking have put a damper on her appetite, but even so, she's requesting pizza and cake.

It has only been a few short years since I first gave birth to a roly-poly, cholicky baby girl. Well, it seems that way, but it's really been 14 years. She's thinned out and is much less cholicky now--ha, ha. She was a strong-willed gal from the start, who didn't want to be bothered with learning to crawl, and learned to talk way before she walked. She has been putting her leadership tendencies to use from the get-go. Now that she's a teenager, it's fun to think back to parts of her personality that we could watch developing even as a baby. She's still a talker, which helped her pick up Spanish really quickly and make friends wherever we are. Camille thinks a lot and is very sensitive to people's moods and feelings. She doesn't like to see anyone left out and is quite skilled in the art of hospitality. She is a huge blessing to our family, and we're so glad God saw fit to send her our way.

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  1. We are big Camille fans. She is pretty awesome, and we miss her here! Happy Birthday, Camalle!


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