January 22, 2011

Home Field Advantage

A couple of days ago, we arrived back in Carapegua, back under our own roof. We had a great time hanging with the Mortons this past month and sure do appreciate their hospitality, but it was good to get back "home" after living from suitcases for basically the past three months. We found everything in order here and were greeted by neighbors right away.

A 4-year old boy and 5-year-old girl yelled to me from the street, so I went out to greet them not long after we arrived. They told us they'd been saying prayers for Ken and wanted to know some of the gory details of the surgery and scars. We had a nice long conversation about God and how He looks out for us, with them nodding their heads in agreement with me, as if they were taking in some profound truths and coming up with their own observations. I wished I could have videoed them without breaking the moment. It's amazing how God can be so complicated that we'll never fully understand Him or His ways, but also so simple that the youngest child can grasp His love.

We are preparing for visitors later this evening, when we'll be feasting on a batch of chocolate chip cookies I just made. I checked and double-checked all the ingredients to be sure there were no bichos (bugs/worms) this time, and it was green light all the way.

Ken is resting upstairs in his recliner and trying to get in the doctor-ordered walks each day, as the heat permits. Camille is getting over bronchitis/ear infections/sinus infection a little more slowly than we'd prefer, but she's coming along. That leaves Caroline to help out a little more than usual with the housework, but she's a trooper. It seems there is light at the end of this tunnel and we will be normal again. Well, as close to normal as we've ever been. ;)

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