March 16, 2011

Too Blessed

I was reminded AGAIN today that we are so, so blessed. We came back to Carapegua to pack the house, and basically I sat on the front porch or napped while the rest of the family packed and cleaned. The front porch did afford me the opportunity to visit with the neighbors, which I always enjoy.

I caught up on the latest news of the neighborhood, including the status of a couple of 14-year-old guys who live a few houses down. They had a motorcycle accident last year, which resulted in broken leg and jaw bones. Several times we had the privilege to drive them to appointments in the capital, just after the surgeries on their legs. I found out today that one is not able to walk correctly because he couldn't complete his therapy. The other is waiting to have his surgery redone because he began walking too early and the screws in his bone moved out of place. Neither of them had the means to travel to their appointments, follow-up with their therapists, or purchase a wheelchair or walker, all of which I'm able to do. How blessed I am.

Another neighbor shared of their trip yesterday to the health post, because one of the children here had worms coming out of his nose. When I asked (with as straight a face as I could) what the doctor said, she told me the child was so full of parasites in his belly that they'd "filled him up" and began to come out of his nose. She explained how the doctor and the father pulled out several and there were still many more. Oh, my goodness. I recounted that story to find that it's not extremely uncommon. Thank you, God, that I've never had to deal with that. Little reminders that I'm a girl living a very blessed life. :)

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  1. Hi!!! For some reason my comments have not been coming up. Sorry! Have been praying and so glad you are moving along in your recovery! What an experience--and what stories! :) Well, we will continue to pray, and look forward to hearing about your continued progress! Take care and God bless you and your family!


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