April 1, 2011

Settling In

In the time since my last post, we've gotten settled in a bit more in Itaugua. I plan to devote some blogs to the awesome place we're a part of now, but first I just wanted to check in and let you know we're still among the land of the living, and back among the land of those who have internet. It's a peaceful (sometimes boring) change to go offline for a time, but we are glad to be connected again to the electronic world.

I've almost completed my first two weeks of physical therapy. I'm beginning to step a little on my left leg now, and getting that knee to bend some. I still have to hobble around on the walker, but I'm trying to avoid rolling around in the wheelchair when possible. I can feel my strength and endurance building. My wound has been healing so much that the doctor says the skin graft he was considering will not be necessary after all. Within the next week, I think it will be sealed in nicely with scar tissue and no longer a problem.

We're in the capital basically everyday for appointments, so everyone stays a bit tired. We know this is for a time, though, and are thankful that God is faithful no matter what our days look like.

Ken was able to finally pick up our truck from the mechanic's shop yesterday, where it's been for four months. The motor is, hopefully, in better shape, but the truck is definitely worse for the wear. He's adamant that the repairs that are now needed from the damage done while it was being repaired, will be done at a different repair shop. Did that make sense? Oh, Paraguay. Everyday is an adventure, and we wouldn't trade it for the world. :)


  1. WONDERFUL that you won't need a skin graft!! Thank God that he weaves our tissues together.

    I copied a phrase from another missionary serving in another country....T.I.P. "This IS Paraguay" and we deal daily with issues that folks from the outside world don't get and frankly, sometimes I am clueless myself. Hope God can give healing touch to your truck too!!

  2. Looking forward to some pictures of the new place! If, you know, upload times aren't super annoying, and getting around to gather the shots isn't too cumbersome a task what with your poor leg, and if there's time amidst all the stuff you're up to with the move-- you know what? Nevermind. I'll just imagine it!

  3. Hey guys,

    If your still looking for a good, honest and "quick" mechanic and Asuncion isn't too far, below is the name of the guy we used to basically rebuild the undercarriage on the old Toyota we bought. He has a shop set up down the street from Naly's parent's house, just 5 minutes from Del Sol Shopping Mall. He's been a neighbor and family freind for years and is very popular. But he honestly tells you if and when he'll work on your car.

    His shop is basically the front yard of his family's home and he has around 3 guys working for him. He did amazing things to rebuild the undercarriage of our car, as well as did some great maintenance to fix minor stuff. He did it quick and cheap and backs up his work.

    One interesting personal fact on him is he's a "little person", which makes him probably work a little harder and smarter to keep a good reputation.

    971944963 is his cell and his name is Osvaldo if you want to give him a call. Good luck and God bless!

    Brad and Naly

  4. Oh boy--what good news about the skin graft! Thank you Lord! We're so glad to know that things are "rolling" along slowly but surely! You folks are still in our thoughts and prayers (and always will be!) and your new place too! It's so interesting to see what the Lord has next in store! Take care and God bless! Have a great (and successful) new week!
    By the way, it's interesting how your friend Julie mentions T.I.P. as we learned "T.I.....whatever letter you put here" years ago when my parents were in Africa and it was T.I.A.! :)


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