April 24, 2011

Fuzzy Friends

This past week has been full of animal fun. We heard some racket one day and found that Niko's crazy barking was not at the neighbor's cat this time, but at some cows who'd decided to wander up to our back porch. Needless to say, Niko was not happy...

Niko had more excitement later, when he was apparently bitten by a spider or... something. He ran fever for a couple of days, refused to eat, and wouldn't use one of his back legs. Caroline spoiled him terribly during this time, of course, and he's been sleeping on her floor every night since. (He woke up all better on the third day--no Easter pun intended.)
Then Camille walked outside to close Caroline's bedroom window shutters for the night (What a sweet sister, huh?), when her foot brushed across something hairy and she let out quite a squeal. This is the young tarantula (still a bit small) that her toes touched in the dark.
The next night, we heard a loud buzzing and saw this giant flying thing on our window screen--the outside, thankfully. Saul ran outside to put the ceramic pot lid on top so we could get the photo. It's some kind of locust, I'm guessing, but it looks like a gigantic cockroach up close. YUCK!


  1. This. Is. Horrifying. (And also kind of cool in a "Missionary Indiana Jones" sort of way. But mostly horrifying.)

  2. Boy! What visitors! I hope Camille didn't have nightmares! I would have! :) I LOVE Nico! What a guy! Give him some hugs from me! Have a great day!


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