April 8, 2011

Itaugua Video

As promised, I've returned to tell you a bit about where we've moved to. My intent was to post a few pictures at a time and give you a running tour, but I found that hiking the grounds with this walker and a camera didn't prove a good idea. Just in time to save me from being a liar, a project came along for a promotion video.

What you'll see is a sampling of the children, the homes, the school, and the staff here at Hogar Ganar. (For those family members who've asked for photos of where we live, all the houses look the same. So pretend that when you're seeing one of the homes where the children live, you are really looking at our house....) We are thrilled to be living here in the middle of it all, even if we're not able to physically take part as much as we'd like to yet. It really is a spectacular place that is making such a difference in the lives of the children and youth living here, as well as in the community. You will recognize Camille and Caroline's voices in the narration, and if you look closely, you'll see Saul in one shot and Camille in another, both when the weekly discipleship program is mentioned.

Today we went down to the school for their weekly assembly, to sing along with the students and listen to the devotional. It was absolutely precious to see these 50 or so children who come in the morning respectfully listening, and bowing their heads to pray afterward. We were blessed by how many stopped to tell me that they'd been praying for my recovery. There was an assembly for the afternoon students, too, but we'd already left for my doctor's appointment when it began.

On that note, the doctor is pleased with how much progress I've made so far in physical therapy. He ordered some tests for my right hand, since I still can't close it (make a fist) all the way, and there's a lot of pain in the knuckles. I continue PT for the leg, moving up to the next phase and more strenuous exercises. That's sure to be fun!

So check out this video, and see what Hogar Ganar is all about.... (WARNING: It's 6 and a half minutes long, so be patient as it loads. It's worth the wait!) And if you're reading this somewhere that doesn't show the video below, check this link instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67Qw9NItG_4

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  1. Well worth waiting for this to download - its excellent !
    Such cute children and seeing how Gods love changes them - is beautiful!


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