June 8, 2011


It's getting quite chilly here, so we've pulled out the long sleeves just about the time we read about all the 100 degree days in the US. It's still so weird to me that we're in a different hemisphere. When does one get used to things like that?

We're still chugging along to physical therapy daily, and seeing good progress. I've moved from the Canadian crutch to a cane, and even though I'm a bit unstable with it, it feels good to use something less bulky. I feel the quadriceps coming back to life again, finally, and working hard to try to make the leg work. Coming along, coming along.

Camille, Caroline, and Saul, look for whatever excuse they can find to keep from having to tag along. Unfortunately, Ken's stuck, since no one thinks I can drive a car yet--so what if my clutch leg is the injured one? Can't a girl even TRY? So on days when the girls aren't doing schoolwork in the waiting room, they can be found here on the grounds helping out with the 3 visiting missions interns from Lee University. Camille and Caroline are loving being their official translators and helping out with VBS, English classes, and a few other projects.

Saul is a big help with taking care of business closer to home while we're making the Asuncion trip each day. He is continuing with night school, and had a great opportunity to give a Bible to one of his teachers. We had just been talking about praying for God to make the daily "meetings" He arranges obvious to us--those times when He sets up a chance for us to share His love with someone. Too often I think we humans miss those chances.

Today Saul made a trip out to a town a couple hours away, where the pastor lives who was awarded the motorcycle (Remember that story?) Saul went to work more on the process of getting the motorcycle legally registered and licensed. It's quite a taxing process in this country... always an adventure! The good news is that the pastor is doing well, having started visitation in a new area with an additional house church meeting taking place there. 7 new converts were recently baptized! It's great to know he's able to get out and minister in more places now with a dependable form of transportation.

Well, that's the latest "what's up" from our end. What's new with you?

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  1. Wow--just a cane! How exciting! :) Praise the Lord you're slowly getting "back to normal!" How much longer do you have to have therapy every day? Will you soon be able to cut back to say, three times a week? Do you also have to exercise at home too? We're praying for you, your family, and your work. Have a great week!


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