October 26, 2011

Let There Be Grandparents!

And on the 8th day, God made grandparents (abuelos).  And God saw the grandparents, that they were good.

Today we're in the capital waiting for both sets (Ken's folks AND mine) to arrive in Asuncion Airport, somewhere in the middle of the night.  We're praying for great traveling mercies.  We've spent the last while getting the house ready for visitors.  It's odd how much more compliant the girls are with household chores, with the added incentive that all this is for Meemaw, Nana, Papaw and Papa.  We'll get one day to spend with them (if they don't need to sleep really late tomorrow morning to make up for arriving in the wee hours), and then early Friday morning I'll go into the hospital for this next surgery.  This is the one that I am confidently trusting God to use to repair the whole mess and let me walk again.

So today, Ken is (if all goes as planned) donating blood for me.  Since I gave him my blood in his open-heart surgery, maybe he's just returning what he took.  :)  And one last appointment with the surgeon to get our p's and q's lined up, a visit with a new friend, then hanging out until the plane lands.  We can't wait to see the family.  It makes the surgery much less negative to know that they'll be here... something good to look forward to instead of dreading the hospital time and starting back over in rehab.  Please help us pray for safe and comfortable travels as they make their way from South Carolina to South America.


  1. Just read your post - Careise and I will be praying for a smooth surgery and a fast recovery. Grandparents are great! 3 of our 4 daughters went to Virginia for a week and spent time with my mom and dad. They loved it, the girls loved it, and Careise and I enjoyed a little break. Hope to hear some updates from you guys soon. Take care and God bless!

  2. Boy, what a blessing to have both of your parents there for your surgery and recovery! We're certainly praying! HUGS!!!


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