October 29, 2011

Surgery Update: SUCCESS!

So far the news on this surgery is good. I came in the hospital yesterday morning, entered the operating room at 7 AM, and came out 3 1/2 hours later. The surgeon visited a few hours after that, and immediately lifted the blanket to show me that my leg is straight. WOO HOO! I can't tell the difference because it's swollen and bandaged, but it FEELS different at the hip and at my foot. I'm not all torqued out of shape anymore, it would seem. :)

I couldn't take anything for the pain that whole day, because my blood pressure was too low. I sent the word out on facebook for prayer and ate dinner with a ton of salt on everything except the jello (gross!), and by later that night, I got my first shot of pain meds. Another time to rejoice!!!!

Yesterday, my mom and Ken's mom came with us to the hospital, and in the afternoon, Ken drove them back to Itaugua. On his way back to the hospital to spend the night with me, something went wrong with our car. He was only a few miles from the hospital, so he limped it back to the parking lot here and this morning we called a mechanic. These cars here seem to have a mind of their own! Right now Ken is out walking to a place nearby that we think has rental cars, so we'll see how that goes.

Our truck has been in the shop almost a year, awaiting a motor change, and with 4 extra people in the house, we were depending on our little VW. I'm praying it's something minor and we'll be back rolling along soon--haha. Get that? I'll be in the wheelchair, we'll all be in the VW, rolling along? Okay, blame the bad humor on the drugs. ;)

Thanks for the prayers. Keep 'em coming.


  1. Thank you LORD!!! Soon, you'll be training for a 5 k race I just know it.

  2. Get well soon, praying to the Lord for your quick and complete recovery!


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