July 27, 2012

The Walls are Bulging

This past week, we've had a great time hosting various friends.  Just before the weekend, Joe and Jayne and their boys came over to cross into Posadas, and we tagged along.  We were held up at the border because the Argentine authorities asked for birth certificates for the small children.  J and J decided to regroup and try again the next day, so that meant an overnighter at our house.  It was fun to have two little fellas running around, playing with Niko and wrestling with Ken, and also to get to spend time with their mom and dad when the active little ones fell asleep.  This family lived next-door to us for a time, and they just spent the past 9 months or so in Costa Rica, so we really enjoyed catching up on their lives.

A few days later, a new friend Nila came to spend some time here.  Nila is Julie's sister-in-law, Norberto's sister.  She's also the lady who has stepped up to help Norberto care for little Anahi.  Because Norberto and Anahi will be returning from their trip to the US soon, Nila is trying to get all her ducks in a row to be a "mom" when they get back.  She'll do great with that, but I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers.  She is a precious woman who loves the Lord and loves her family.  She's in the last stages of finishing her thesis, so that she can graduate with her second degree in December.  Smart gal.  We offered her our guest room out back, to get away for a few nights and concentrate on her school work.  What a joy to get to know her better and get to talk about Julie and Timmy a bit.  I feel a lot better for Norb and Anahi now, knowing Nila is at their side to help out as needed.

The day after she arrived, we also got a visitor from Brazil.  Our little house was rockin'!  We threw blankets on the floor in our room and the girls camped out with us for a few nights.  Thiago is a young man we met last year, part of the YWAM team who worked at Hogar Ganar for a few weeks.  His ministry focus is creative arts as evangelism, so we have been taking advantage of his visit to pick him for information about urban youth ministry, as well as to learn some tricks of the trade.  I'd love to show you a picture of me at the beach, trying to learn to juggle these stick thingies, but it was raining and nothing came out.  :(  I can at least say that no one was hurt...

Aside from the overnight guests, we also had visits from Nila and Norb's parents, the Kurrles.  Such a sweet couple, long-time missionaries who have a beautiful, multi-cultural heritage.  Depending on which of them within their family is speaking to the other, they converse in German, Portuguese, Spanish, Guarani, or English, or a mix of several.  Incredible family.

We also had Michael Tell over, who was our neighbor for a time, as well.  He's such a practical guy, working on some really cool, hands-on projects for self-sustainability and improving the quality of life for those he serves.  We enjoyed lunch and catching up with him.

A few neighbors have dropped by, to chat, share food, or just to hang out a while.  It's always great to make new friends and realize they feel comfortable enough to come to your home.  What a privilege that God has given us this past week or two, to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

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