February 4, 2013

Let's Do This ONE MORE TIME!

As this is hitting the internet, I am probably in the passenger's seat (thanks, Ken!) on the way to the capital, about 5 hours away from where we live.  This evening, I will be admitted to the hospital in preparation for what we pray will be the last surgery on my left leg, the one that was fractured two years ago when it came face-to-face leg-to-bumper with a Land Cruiser.

1st set
That same day, they took out the shattered pieces of bone and tried to put the femur back together as best as they could, using a plate and 7 screws.  A few months later, when the swelling went down, it was obvious that something wasn't right, as my leg had quite an unnatural bend to it.

So 9 months after the accident, my femur was sawed in half in two places, and the wedge of bone between those two spots was taken out so that the bone could be torqued into the right position.  Another plate and 9 new screws.

2nd set
Early Tuesday morning, I will have all that metal taken out, and I am VERY excited about it!  My doctor and the therapists feel this should make a significant difference in the pain and immobility I have, which they think is due to how small my bone is and how large the hardware inside had to be to hold it together.  All this time, the metal parts have been banging up against my tendons, ligaments, and muscles every time I move the knee, so removing it should take care of that.

Problem is, it's a bit earlier than one would typically have these things removed.  The specialist who did my second surgery prefers to wait a couple of years before taking them out, to give the bone plenty of time to heal.  But from the x-rays, I seem fairly healed, and the holes in my bone from the first set of screws are pretty well filled in.

I'll have 9 new holes, so the doctor is adamant that I not use the leg for a while, waiting until it's able to sustain my weight.  I remember those months not so long ago of it dangling at my side and what a hassle it is not to let it touch the floor, but I gotta tell you, I am super ready to do this.  Let's go already!

Your prayers are appreciated as we travel, do our time at the hospital, and then go through the process of wheelchair to crutches to cane to walking normally again, which should take between 6 months to a year. It's been a long two years already, and I'm anxious to get back to getting around without all the help.  To be able to walk through the community without thinking about whether or not I can that day.  To run and bike and get in and out of a chair.

And my family could use the prayers as they make up for my absence in ministry trips over the next couple of weeks, and fill in for me in household chores and such.  Let the fun begin!!!

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