February 8, 2013

The Missions Newsletter

I know most of you are curious onlookers or my immediate family, but every now and then I get visitors who are also serving as cross-cultural missionaries.  A guest post I wrote today is geared to them, as it gives pointers for writing the often-intimidating periodic newsletter to the folks back home.

Here's an excerpt:

Since our time as short-term missionaries, a regular newsletter has always been a vital part of our ministry.  A newsletter can be a great way to keep friends, family, and supporters informed about what’s going on in your world, as well as to generate excitement and a feeling of partnership in the work God’s doing around the globe.
Opinions on newsletters are as varied as the missionaries who’d write them.  I know folks who never write one, some who leave that responsibility to their mission agency, and then those who faithfully send a report out on a regular basis.  Of those who do write one, it seems this responsibility often falls to the wife.  
Obviously, we gals would like this to be streamlined into the easiest process possible, so here are 10 tips I’ve learned along the way. 
1.   Use the right software.  Sure, you could just send an email to everyone you know, but if you want something that prints well and catches the eye, use a program that has a newsletter option, and get familiar with how to adjust templates to suit your needs. 

Finish reading this list where I guest posted today, over with the gals at Missionary Mom's Companion.

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