March 24, 2013

Beads and Music and Walks in the Park

This past week, hmmmm.....  

Well, a few hours of PT each day generally lead me to a few hours in a chair with my leg propped up, ice, and Advil.  Sometimes that leads to a few winks before it's time to grade homework or hit some housework.

We continue scouting for a room to rent for the youth center--thankfully, the closing of the summer tourist season is opening up more locations at better prices.  We need to decide if we'll keep renting this little house where we are now--a couple kilometers from the downtown area--or if we should look for an apartment nearer where the youth center will be.  Of course, there are pros and cons to both choices, but we keep praying God will open the door to the right decision.

Ken was checking out some areas one day while I was in therapy, and ventured into a park we don't normally visit.  He got stalked by some homeless guys and approached by one who demanded then whined for some money, not believing that the white man that drove up in a vehicle really didn't have any.    

I was promoted to a teacher of the arts when a new girl came to the community outreach.  I generally stick to being a student once the crafty stuff starts up, but this gal knew less than I did (imagine that!) and we were one teacher short, so I filled in.  While we sat around the table playing with beads working, I had the chance to chat with the girls about Easter, a holiday that is basically skipped over here because all the emphasis is on the crucifixion on Friday, rather than the resurrection on Sunday.

Because we'll be doing something special with the youth at the prison next week (check back for a recap), this week I visited the women in their special wing upstairs.  I'm always amazed at the difference between the areas, and how no matter where a woman is and how little she has to work with, she manages to add that feminine touch.  I shared with these ladies the creation story, focusing on how God is able to make something out of nothing with only His voice.  A God with such power to bring things into existence is surely worthy of our praise and trust, although, I admitted to them and now to you, I'm guilty of not always remembering that.

We Hagerman girls got a bit more musical this past week.  Camille sang on the praise team Saturday night, Caroline handled projection and worked on some new guitar songs, and I dusted off my flute.  My thumb isn't totally better yet, but it's finally loose enough to hold the flute up again.  Progress.  :)

Oh, yeah, this weekend (March 24), Paraguay changed the hour on our clocks, so we're now right on schedule with those of you in South Carolina.  You sprang forward a few weeks ago, we fell back today, and somehow we met in the middle so the world makes sense again!

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