March 26, 2013

What Boys REALLY Think About

Fresh, hot chipa bread "just like momma makes" for
Semana Santa (Holy Week).  This batch was a special
delivery for some special teens.
We visited with the teens at the prison this week, taking along the traditional Holy Week bread, chipa, to share with them.  Of course, our time there included talk of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, and what His coming to Earth means to all of us now.

But holidays are tough for those folks who are far from family, so the conversation eventually turned to how much these boys love their mommas.  These tough guys who are too cool to act very interested in the Bible stories, who have committed crimes and lived out things that push them out of being able to be called children, who have endured the street and abuse and drugs and the inside walls of prison--admitting how important their mothers are to them and how much they miss them, how much they want to see them when they get out.  It tore my heart out.

As we left, I silently asked God to help these boys stand on the decisions they're making to follow God and change, that He'd help them know the feeling of making their mommas truly proud of them.  As you spend this week reflecting on Jesus and what His sacrifice means, join me in praying for these boys that God would use this tender time of missing home to draw them closer to HIM.


  1. Oh this tears my heart out as I think of my 15 year old son and the special bond we have. He's a "big boy" now, but he still likes for me to tuck him in and pray with him at night.

    May the Lord bless your prison ministry and touch these boys with his love.

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  3. Very moving, Christie. Thanks for sharing. Our prayers and blessings are with you.


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