June 20, 2013

Bridge Week -- Infographic

Now that you know the where, why, what, and how of The Bridge, let's talk a little about what specifically will go on there.  Based on the name, we could be

a.  showing how to do gymnastic moves that keep feet and hands planted while the middle lifts
b.  building structures that will withstand a certain amount of weight to prepare for an intellectual competition or because we like Lego blocks
c.  spanning the gap between young people who know God but don't know how to share Him and those who need Him but don't know how to find Him

Yep, I'm banking on c.

I could ramble on with all the ideas we have, but I thought I'd share instead just a few pictures of what happened in the youth center we started and operated in another town in Paraguay.  The method will be very similar here, just on a bigger scale because we're in, well, a bigger town.  We found that this method works very well in the Paraguayan culture, where relationships are valued and spending time with someone goes a long way.

As you scroll through these shots, keep in mind that traffic flows both ways on The Bridge, meaning that not only are these events a form of outreach, but they are training grounds for the Christian volunteers who will help us make these things happen.

A place to gather, to sing, to listen, to learn to play
an instrument or teach someone else how to.

A place for teaching about the value of being a girl, a
woman. To learn that no matter what society or abusive
situations may have taught you, you are worth more than rubies!

A place to hold classes or learn how to teach classes.

A place to unveil the songs your garage band has
been working on, whether they are original creations,
remixed praise songs and hymns, or the happy birthday
song for special occasions.

Movie nights, game tournaments, meeting new
friends, finding out that Christian folks don't bite, and
feeling safe among people who are available for advice,
spiritual guidance, homework help, or just a chat over
hot coffee and a warm brownie.


You can become a Bridge Partner and help make this happen by joining in on our fundraising campaign.  I told you about it yesterday, but to recap, we need folks to spread the word.

The Fundly campaign outlined below has ended, but you can still get on board financially by donating through paypal on the side, or mailing a tax-deductible donation to our church.  Contact us for details.

 Click over to this post for instructions on putting our widget on your page, link to our fundly campaign, share this blog series with your friends, ... you get it.  Talk it up!

We also need folks to put their money where their mouths are (was that too forward?) and help us make that little thermometer on this fundly widget scoot on over to the right of the screen.  The amoung we're shooting for will cover our start-up expenses like furniture, decor, and a few small appliances, as well as (hopefully) the first year's rent.  We have negotiating power to get a great deal on a building if we can offer the cash for rent up front, and we lock in a price that won't go up when the crazy tourist season hits.  Click over to fundly and read the instructions at the bottom of our "ABOUT" section for details on giving.

And thank you. :)  I've already told you that this is quite intimidating, taking on a large project like this when the truth is, we go through some months without enough financial support to buy gas or groceries.  But we are trusting that God will provide for what He's called us to, and we definitely feel this is HIS vision for Encarnaci├│n.  What a privilege to be part of that vision!  Our prayer is that you will be part of it, too.

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