June 29, 2013

We're in an Apartment!

The hunt is over!  We finally found a place with two bedrooms, a tiny balcony, a spot for the washing machine, and permission to bring our dog along.  Phwew!

We are now officially living in the downtown Encarnacion area, just about a kilometer or two from where we rented the house we spent the last year in.  Thankfully, this new place comes with a lower monthly price tag and even better, is within walking distance to almost everything, including the area we hope to open the youth center later this year.  What?  You haven't heard about the Bridge?  Well, you GOTTA read this post, then!

Part of our moving crew, who thought it
was much more fun INSIDE the fridge
than outside.  Isn't he adorable?!

This past week we began the fun of condensing what used to fit in a large yard, a 2-bedroom house, an extra room, and a storage shed, into this much, much smaller apartment.  Did I mention that it's been raining and cold all week?  Yep, ideal moving weather.  But we've been so excited that we've plowed right through it.

We're learning how often Niko has to have a potty break, how to deal with a parking area that's one space short, and how to sleep through bus noise and all-night radio blasts.  And we're enjoying the 3-block walk to one of the places I teach English, the 2-block walk to the downtown plaza, the 3-block walk to church and music class, ... yeah, you get it.  When the sun comes out, we plan to enjoy it even more.  ;)

So if you didn't make it to see us this past year when we had that extra room out back--our "guest suite" we liked to call it--well, sorry.  We're no longer a few steps from the river, either, with that lovely view across the water into Argentina.  But we are steps away from most of the youth we've been meeting and building relationships with, so we feel we're right where God wants us.


  1. Hooray! Glad you're finally in! :D And that's fantastic how close you are to everything. What a terrific convenience for cutting down on fuel costs, bus tickets...

    1. Exactly! We've been taking what they call "Linea 11" bus line, which refers to the shape of two feet. :)

  2. Congrats on the new apartment and the terrific neighborhood. Looking forward to some pics. Have a blessed weekend and a great week unpacking and getting settled in. Take care!

    1. Oh, yeah. I guess I should post some pictures, huh? I have this thing about wanting it to be "just right" before I go public, but you know how that goes... it may NEVER be just right!


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