July 28, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Camille was invited recently to be one of three teen guests on a local talk show.  The host wanted dialog about discrimination and being judgmental, from a fresh, young perspective.  Although the topic was pretty specific (religious discrimination), it opened the door for several meaningful discussions with young people afterward.

I sat just behind the cameras, which were manned by a couple of young guys torturing those in the spotlight.  Despite the serious nature of the show, there were several iffy moments when a misspoken word or someone's funny action led to stifled giggles, much to the joy of the cameramen.  I think they made it a personal challenge to catch one of the two girls trying not to laugh.  The fun of a live show!

Camille and the two others did a great job of not only telling their personal stories, but also sharing about the Lord.  The host was pleased with the show and told them he'd like to have them back on a regular basis.

They didn't get to rehearse ahead of time, but the host would make a statement, ask a question, and then call on one of them.  He remembered Camille's name a little more easily than the other two, so she was called on a lot.  

Several people asked why the host had such a tall chair.  Caroline and Ken watched from home, and Caroline thought the guy's chair was sitting on top of the coffee table.  ;)  Pictured here from L to R are Camille, Fatima, and Carlos, then the host, Pastor Silver.

This is the view from where I sat.  The studio was inside a warehouse-type building, with small sets lined up all around the perimeter.  The camera only focuses on that sign just behind the guests, so no one saw the host's son and the other little fella running around just off-camera.


  1. Sounds like a good setup to me and such a great opportunity to spread the gospel!!Very proud of those three for their courage to share.

  2. Hello.

    We're an American family living in Paraguay and considering a move to Encarnacion. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for English teacher jobs, schools, and housing in the city. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give.
    Thanks so much!


    1. Rebekah, can you send me your email address, and I'll get a ton of information to you. :) You can just reply to this and I won't publish it as a comment. Looking forward to meeting you some day!


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