September 5, 2013

When Duct Tape Just Isn't Enough

This spontaneous hiatus was brought to you by a unforeseen computer meltdown.  My beloved laptop finally gave up the ghost after several years of use, including this past year of duct taping and wiring it shut.  It seems the trip here in my backpack was the final straw, but she was a good friend.  I hated to see her go.

So when did laptops start looking like tablets?  What is this Windows 8 stuff?  My unexpected purchase of the gotta-have-it piece of technology has launched me into learning a whole new operating system.  I feel like an old dog with these new tricks, and I'm resisting.

I'm happy to report that God was not taken by surprise by the computer's demise.  During our visits with family, friends, and churches, several people slipped us unexpected "personal use" cash that we imagined we'd just toss into the general fund for The Bridge or use on the socks and underwear aisle at the local Wal-Mart.  But God knew what was happening and prompted those folks to give for such a time as this.  And just in time they were!

I can't say the girls have been as disappointed as I have about this unplanned pause in computer usage.  We arrived in the U.S. with a lovely plan to complete a couple of projects and to continue with an adjusted but structured homeschool schedule.  Again, God was up to something else, because our days and evenings have quickly filled with much-needed visits and appointments, so much so that I can't imagine when we would have squeezed in a sit-down at the laptop.  We've thoroughly enjoyed spending our time being refreshed and encouraged by face-to-face time.  I guess the projects needed to wait just a bit.

So I'm back in business with a fresh laptop, off to learn how to use it!

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