August 16, 2013

Oh, The Places We'll Go!

Yep, we're in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have made the long overdue Wal-Mart runs and replenished those necessaries that needed replenishing, including my doughnut quota and soft cotton socks with no holes. It's a great feeling.

In case you're in the area and would like to hear in person about what's been happening since our last visit three years ago, as well as what we feel God is leading us to for the next term, feel free to drop in at any of these spots below. If you can't make it or church gives you the heebie jeebies--don't laugh, it happens--just holler and maybe we can get together in person somewhere to share terere and chat a bit. We just love to chat. ;)




  • Wednesday, October 2nd at 7pm--The Bloggers MeetUp in Atlanta, GA. We aren't speaking, just attending.
  • Sunday, October 6th, morning service--Macedonia Church of God of Prophecy in Macedonia, SC.
  • Sunday, October 13th, morning service--Carolina Heights Church in Greenville, SC.
Photo: We got invited to the spacious exit row for our longest flight. :)
We were so excited to be moved up to the exit row on our 8-hour flight.  Lots more leg-room, the bathroom just a few steps away (remember that stomach virus that hit us the day before we left Paraguay?), and right near the front of the plane, so that we were able to jump off as soon as we landed and run to our next flight.  Turned out we didn't need to run after all, as that last leg was delayed almost two hours and we spent most of that waiting on the runway.  But we made it!


  1. Yay!! So excited to see y'all :) Whitney Morales

  2. Yay!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!!! sara hill mccoy

  3. Can't wait to great the wonderful things God has planned. :)

  4. My second time to try this. You may be missing comments through no fault of the commenters.

    Enjoying your emails as always and what good looking missionaries you all are. I notice it every time there is a photo!

    I know you'll enjoy your time there but not too much, okay? I want you back in Paraguay whenever I finally get there! I'm going to try anonymous this time and see if it works better.


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