April 17, 2014

We Have a Building!

Building isn't the right word.  Neither is room, or facility.  I guess you'd technically call it a storefront, but since this is my first time living in a city, I'm not used to using words like that.  Here it's called a salon.  Not like where you get a massage and a manicure, but /sah-LONE/, translated "big room."  So yeah.  This place came up for rent, we checked it out, worked out details with the owners, and a few days later signed papers.  Woo hoo!

If you have no idea why we'd want a salon, then you might wanna read a post or two and get caught up on the coffee-house style youth center we plan to open here in Encarnación, Paraguay, aka The Bridge!

In this picture, it's the area with the first two garage doors, one of which is half open.  The green building with the purple doors is someone else's salon.  We'll be able to take advantage of the sidewalk space in front of ours for placing a few tables and signage.  Okay, before we go inside, let me warn you that it's gonna need a little work.  That's typical.  The floors here in Paraguay are tiled and walls are made of concrete, so when an old tenant moves out, there's always work to be done.  You ready?  Let's take a look.

I guess you can tell that this is technically two salons, or at least it was at some point.  But the front of that dividing wall is now gone, so they are now opened up with a little bit of wall left between them.  Standing just inside the door that's partially open above, here's the view--

And if you scoot over to the inside of the other roll-up door, you see this--

Why, yes, that is a walk-through door in that middle wall, punched out just enough to duck a little and walk right through it, but don't forget to step up because at floor level, the bottom few inches of the wall still remain.  You can see the bricks inside there, so we're thinking we'll dress that up a bit and leave it there.  The little nook at the back is a full bathroom (YAY!) and the gray doors at the back lead to nowhere, so we'll probably block those with some piece of furniture.

Ah, and one cool thing that remains from the previous owners, who were operating a small neighborhood convenience store--the logos for Fanta and Coke hand-painted on one wall.  I'm working hard to figure out a decor scheme that would at least incorporate the Coke part, since it's so well done.  We shall see.

So rejoice with us for the end to an almost two-year search for a spot!  As we begin the process of making this place cool, we'll keep you posted with photos and maybe even a video.  Lots of the teens are offering to pitch in manual labor, so let's see how it all develops!

SIDE NOTE: Despite a rocky start to this week, possibly related to some cold rain that blew through, the last couple of days have been much less painful and a bit easier to get around.  I'd been hanging out in the house because I didn't have the strength or balance to handle the stairs, but today, when Ken went to take these pictures, I was able with his help to get down and back up those stairs, as well as get out of the truck and look around inside the salon.  First time out of the house in a week, and I was so ready!  Thanks for the prayers.


  1. Great news of what God has provided for the new Youth outreach. May you know great undergirding grace and peace as you press on into all He has in store for you there in Paraguay.
    Be encouraged, blessed and a blessing to so many!
    Paul Garratt

  2. Great news about the TWO doors the Lord has opened for you there. We live in exciting days and trust you will know great grace, peace and provision for this wonderful outreach.
    Be blessed and encouraged.

    1. TWO doors! Exactly! Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Garratt. :)


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