January 1, 2000

Fearless, by Max Lucado

I must admit that I don't always enjoy reading Max Lucado. My mother is die-hard, and probably owns every book he writes, but he just doesn't write in a style that holds my attention. HOWEVER, Thomas Nelson Publishers hooked me up again with an ebook, and I got a lot out of old Max's latest writings. This one is entitled, Fearless.

The author left out the flowery descriptions of our everyday life situations, and instead gave a matter-of-fact list of our biggest fears, with real, believable examples. Some of these are so common to humanity that we don't even realize we carry them around, but we do live out our reactions to the fears. Lucado provides practical advice for dealing with the fears, as well as the truth that can dispel each one. He makes it clear that the opposite of fear is faith. I would recommend this book to just about anyone who would like to shed some extra baggage and walk a little lighter.

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