September 11, 2008

Family Photos

We met with Tiffiney this afternoon, and thankfully, avoided the coming rainstorms long enough to take some family photos in downtown Greenville. It's the first time we've had any taken since the girls were very small. Tiffiney is such a picture pro, and it was SOOO fun to work with her. Here's her blog. She's been to Paraguay before--hope she's planning a return trip!

We're planning to use one of the photos to make prayer cards, so you may be seeing one in your mailbox soon! If you haven't sent us a postcard or an email to let us know you want to be on our partner list (whether it's to be on the prayer team, to send monthly support, to receive newsletters, or all three), take a moment to do that. You can hit the "send us an email" button on the right side of this page to do it from here.

Here's a shot from my amateur photographer, Camille, of Ken and me just before Tiffiney got there.

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  1. hey guys...I'm finally back from our hunting trip, and I've been playing with your photos all afternoon. I'll probably ship them to ya by the end of the week. And I'll post some on the blog as soon as my Internet is back up in the studio. Can't believe you're leaving before long! Btw, you guys look killer in b/w...some people work better than others, weird. Can't wait for you to see them, I love them!


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