September 12, 2008

This and That

This is totally unrelated to missions, but humor me... One of my goals on the long TO-DO list is to return things I have that belong to other people. The two biggest remaining items are a baby book I found several years ago at a yard sale, belonging to a baby born in 1929, and the other is a class ring I found smashed in a parking lot in Moncks Corner. These have been ongoing sporadic projects of mine for the last few years. If you've ever tried to find total strangers on the internet, you know it can be a bit trying. Today--SUCCESS!

After lots of dead-ends and old, no longer functioning email addresses and phone numbers, I found the son of the "baby" in my baby book. This is the most beautiful little record of the baby's first months, with pictures, recipes from the doctor, notes from the mother, lists of gifts, trips taken, and the like. All bound up in a cute little leather book.
I have called so many people who think I'm crazy (well, really I am) asking silly questions about their family trees. One phone call was particularly fun. Most of the people I've been calling are at least 70 years old, and this particular couple had the name of the baby's father and the baby herself. So I'm thinking maybe they're related somehow, since the last name isn't a common one at all. I think they both answered extensions on the phone at the same time, because all three of us were talking. I recited my little speech and told them what names and dates I knew, and asked if any of that was familiar to them. The man actually said in the background, "She's got some parts right. Don't you buy anything from her!" I guess I sounded like a scam artist. Funny. Anyway, after calling all over the US, I found the son in NY, and his mother had actually lived just a few miles from me all along. I'm so glad to be able to return this nice little book to the man who lost his mother 8 years ago. Now to find the owner of that ring....

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