October 22, 2008

You Did WHAT?!

You may already know the story about how Verizon promised to waive our disconnect fee in light of the fact that we are moving out of the country, to an area where they do not have coverage. The helpful customer service representative assured me this past summer that if I would mail in a letter about a month before our departure, explaining our move, it'd be handled in a timely manner.

So I mailed this letter a month and a half early, just in case, and have been checking to be sure they received it and all was well. After several calls, I found out that...our paperwork was received at the end of September and marked as incomplete. Good thing I called, right? I asked the nice lady what I needed to add to make it complete, and she read the list of acceptable stuff, which included any legal paperwork with my new name and street address on it (a phone bill, a driver's license, my voter's registration card, etc.)

I don't have to tell you that I won't be changing my voter's registration card to reflect my new street address in Paraguay, nor will I have a phone bill. I explained this again in great detail, and asked if a letter from my pastor would do. After some thought, she agreed that this would suffice.

My pastor is such a helpful person. He immediately typed out, printed, signed, scanned, and emailed me a letter written to Verizon, verifying the date of our move and the (roundabout) street address of our new "home." I faxed that in right away, and we'll see what Verizon has to say about it all.

Meanwhile, our church will be hosting our annual fall festival this Sunday afternoon. It is the biggest social event of our church year, and the pastor always sends out personal letters to each member, associate, and friend for miles around, to be sure EVERYONE knows the details of the festival. Except,... he accidentally copied our Verizon letter instead of his fall festival letter, and mailed it to everyone. Yep, not kidding. Bless his heart.


  1. Great story! Maybe you could send them a copy of your visa to Paraguay. . . and a map pointing out where Paraguay is!

  2. hhhmmmm,I've given this some thought about the Verizon letter going out instead of the Fall Festival letter. This isn't a bad thing and could work to Y'alls favor and maybe that is God's plan in this little mishaps. You said the letter reached folks from all around right?? Maybe it is meant to reach people that don't know about y'alls move and somehow it could lead to folks helping financially or by prayer!!!

    see ya Sat. for Fight Nite....

  3. It will all workout. That is funny he sent the wrong letter. Thanks for the giggles! See you guys at our church soon!

  4. You guys MUST be focused on God's call to be going through all that you are in order to just "get there" not to mention the entire plan of leaving your home and traveling to a foreign land to spread God's word and love. I wish you the best. Always remember that when you reach the end of your rope, the hem of His garment is there. God Bless, Kristy Bright


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