October 23, 2008

Littlest Pet Shop RULES!

We started out Thursday with a visit from our old pals from Charleston. Julia is just a few days shy of her third birthday, so we took this opportunity to host an impromptu cake and ice cream party. Caroline's Littlest Pet Shop toys were a big hit with our favorite god-daughter, who invited each little plastic animal to attend the party and wallow in her cake.

Funny moment: Julia had smoshed the tiny mouse... into her cake and became distressed that the crumbs were in his plastic neck. I rinsed him out and set him on a dishtowel to dry while I thought she'd be distracted by her plate of cake and ice cream. She got a bit choked, though, and while she was coughing, she was saying, "Mouth dry! Mouth dry!" Her very attentive mother snapped to it, jumped up, and got her a cup of water. Julia was not satisfied and kept crying out, "Mouth dry!" Her mom and I were then encouraging her to go chill a little on the couch and we'd get her something to drink. I passed by the dish towel while she was still calling out her mantra, and realized she was asking if the MOUSE was dry. So as soon as I got her the clean, dry mouse, she was back to normal.

I am thrilled that this family will be making good use of my piano. It's the one I first learned to play on, and have moved with me to St. Stephen, Macedonia, and now here in Dacusville, but it wasn't going to make the cut to Paraguay. I'm so happy that it will be used by chubby little kid fingers instead of sitting quietly in storage. Now for the rest of this junk!!!

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  1. So cute!!! I bet she's a doll! Glad you found a home for your piano. You're getting there!


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