November 5, 2008

Down to the Wire!!

Well, tomorrow is the day. Less than 24 hours and we'll be in the air, on our way. We had a great going-away party after church Sunday night, at our home church of Carolina Heights. Some of the gals had put together a wonderful slide show, which they gave to us. LOVE IT! Nice memories. Some of the youth spent the night with us Monday and a few girls have been coming by to help me out. :) I sure am going to miss those gals. Tonight, we have family dinner at Ken's sister's house. For now, we've packed everything we can think of, we're going through the last of the stuff here in the house, and we're taking loads to storage, the dump, and the donation box.

Believe it or not, our stuff all fits in the airline's weight limits in the bags we've allocated as "luggage"--except one. Ken didn't start packing his clothes until today, and there was only one bag left. So his is crammed all in tightly at 70 lbs. (I can't complain, b/c my clothes took up two bags, and I wear a smaller size than his, of course) Oops. 20 lbs more than the allowance.

Good news, though. I called the airlines to pre-confirm our flights, and I found that my dad's flying WITH US!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer. For those who know him, you know that he wakes with a "bang" every time, and he falls asleep at the drop of a hat. So I had already pictured him sleeping hard on that long overnight flight into Brazil and then when the stewardess comes through to wake him, and either knocking out the stewardess or the unlucky passenger seated beside him. He ALWAYS wakes up swinging, and he's been known to hit more than one hospital nurse who chose to ignore our warnings to wake him from afar. He also would be landing in Brazil alone, where Portuguese is the language of choice. Did I mention he walks with a cane, has hearing difficulties, and is quite impatient when things aren't going as planned? So thank the Lord, it looks like we'll be able to avoid that disaster and be on the same plane. Phwew! That already takes a load off my mind!! Now to get this load off to Goodwill....

My next blog should be from inside Paraguay, but I can't promise when I'll get to it. Thank you all so much for your prayers, your encouragement, your donations, and the outpouring of love you've shown our family. God has been very good, as usual. He has provided the amount of "one-time gift" money we were trying to raise before leaving, so that we could find transportation and housing in Paraguay. We still aren't at our monthly goal yet, but we know He is faithful to fund what He calls us to.

We will sure miss y'all, but we are SOOOOO excited to see what God has up His sleeve for us in the near future. Too busy to feel the excitement today, but I know it's there. Ha, ha!


  1. We are praying for you!!! What an exciting adventure! :)

  2. OMG! I suppose you are at the airport now! Poo :( But i know it's gonna be amazing!!!! See you this summer!!!!!!!! :D

  3. We are DYING to hear from you all!! I sure wish I could call you! We are praying daily & hoping you're settling in!


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