November 12, 2008

Estamos aqui!! (We're here!!)

We made it! It's been forever since we've been online (I'm borrowing a computer now), but all is well. We had fairly smooth travel getting here (my dad DID get to be on each plane with us, hallelujah!!), and were able to handle each of the problems that arose in the various airports.

We have spent the last several days getting unpacked, getting a vehicle, getting appliances, and getting to know the people here at the camp. Our aniticipated "home" for the next several months was the dorm at the campground, but the Lord opened the door for us to stay in a house temporarily. That's really a huge blessing, as now we have a bedroom for the girls, a place to put the appliances, a kitchen, and a bathroom, among other benefits (namely, the shady front porch that sits under a mango tree!!)

There is so much to tell and some pictures to share, but we are borrowing this computer, as I said. So that'll have to wait. We have hooked up cell phones. As soon as I know what our numbers will be, I'll try to get those out somehow. We only have like 20 minutes or so per month to use, but those minutes don't include incoming calls. All incoming calls will be free for us to receive. Praise God!! So give us a call sometime....

Camille and Caroline are just great. They are having the time of their lives getting to know the kids here at the home and learning more and more Spanish. My mom and dad are doing fine, also. The kids call my dad Papa Noel (Santa Claus) and love to touch his goatee. One in particular sets up a little beauty shop around his lawn chair and fixes his hair and beard continually. The heat is just about unbearable most of the time, but the house is breezy and has some ceiling fans, and we're looking for the perfect mango tree for a hammock.

This morning, while Ken waited for the fridge and stove to come, I drove (yes, I drove) into town to try to get my Hepatitis A shot. No luck in finding the injection, but I did learn where to go for dairy, where to go for bread, and where to go for refilling the gas tank that hooks to my stove. And I learned how to back into a motorcycle. In my defense, these things are EVERYWHERE!! And no one was on it. Thankfully, we had the local evangelist in the backseat, and he jumped out to assess the situation and smooth it over. What a help he was today. No damage to speak of, praise God!

Tonight, we go to our first service in one of the house churches. Can't wait to see how that goes. Hopefully, we will have our own internet hooked up soon and can send out email and photos, and keep this blog updated.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We feel them and can see where they are helping us daily. We miss you all. :)


  1. Welcome! Sorry its so hot :) Let me know if I can help you with anything.


  2. YAY!!!!! So wonderful to hear from you!! I'm glad you made it safely & finding your way around. We've been wondering how you've been! I wondered if you had taken a laptop. Sounds like things are coming together so far! Is it the beginning of summer now? Please do get us your number so we can call!! Maybe once you get settled into a routine, you could post it so "we" would know when to call & not inconvenience y'all too much.
    I'm glad the motorcycle incident was all ok. I'm sure that was scarey not knowing how folks would react! What kind of car did ya get? I guess you got thru the part of getting your Paraguayan driver's license??? When you get back online again, if there is another email address (besides Yahoo) that you're going to use, can you post that too? Also a mailing address if you have one?

  3. We are so glad to hear from you guys! I read the blog update to everyone. We already miss you all so much. How cool to have a mango tree in your front yard!
    We have been praying for the vehicle situation everyday. I guess this means you got one?!

  4. Hey guys! I can't wait to get down there and see you. Sounds like you are fitting in well. I am excited to hear about the blessings and can't wait to hear and see everything else. {huggs} to everyone. You guys are in my daily prayers.

  5. Glad to hear that you made it ok. We love you and miss you very much. Dustin

  6. hey guys. glad to hear all is well. ive been thinking of you guys. sounds cool, wish i could visit. tell ken to beware, here comes the boscoeman.


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