November 18, 2008

A Little More News

It's Tuesday now, and we just put my mom and dad on a plane. They were a big help. Nana with getting us settled in our living quarters and entertaining the girls, and Papa with playing with the kids next door and tagging along on all the road trips. I managed to share my stomach virus with my dad (you're welcome), so his flights home may be loads of fun!!

We're still not "connected" as far as having an internet set-up at home, but we've driven into the city to use the Wi-Fi at the local McDonalds. Gotta love that Ronald, even if he's always clowning around.

Well, we're already in love with the country. It's beautiful land here (one day I WILL share pictures), and the people are equally beautiful. Just yesterday, a gentleman was asking me which country I'm from (how do they know before I even reveal my choppy Spanish?) and pointing out which foods I might want to eat. He tried to let me purchase mine first, but I convinced him to go. Secretly, I was watching him to see how it's done. Anyway, he was ordering the same meal he suggested I get, but he insisted that the server only give him the chunks of meat that had fallen off while being cooked, so that I could have the remaining fillet. Now that's sweet.

And yesterday, when my parents were leaving, the kids from the children's home near where we live came to present them with little trinkets from their rooms. A broken matchbox car, a leaf decorated with flowers, a tiny porcelain chicken that had seen better days. Obviously cherished toys from their few personal possessions, but they were thrilled to give them to Abuelita and Abuelito (they call most adults around here Aunt and Uncle, but they called my parents Granny and Grandpa). And little notes that said "I love you, I will miss you" and the like, in pretty little handwriting with cartoon drawings and hearts. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

And our pals the Millers, without whom we'd be completely and totally lost here, fixed us a meal the other night. That Gwen is queen of the kitchen. She made this torta (cake) of chocolate (she knows I'm a huge chocolate fan), poked holes in it and filled it with dulce de leche (caramel), and covered it in homemade whipped cream. SWEEEET! It gets better day by day!

All sweetness aside, we do need prayer for continued strength in our bodies. The adjustment period is a little rough. We're running around a lot getting things "in order" and eating things that are very different for us. Camille and I are still a bit sick stomach-wise, and Caroline is having a time with eczema-type rashes. So we need the Lord to keep His hand on us, as He's been faithful to do thus far. Thanks for the prayers. We miss you all and hope all is well back home. PS-We have phones now, so if you know us personally and want our numbers, just email....


  1. Sweeeet!! I know your parents will be itching to get back to see you again!
    I can't wait to see kids at the "home"! It'll be cool to get to know them thru your pictures!
    Still praying!

  2. Glad you're finally getting settled in. I can only imagine! My stomach gets all weird just going to South Carolina or New York. I think I'd be a mess in another country!

    I'll continue to pray for you! God has called you there and He will give you the strength you need.


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