December 13, 2008

Recent Construction Projects

There's work going on here! The construction team is steadily working away (despite the heat) at rebuilding the girls' cabins that were destroyed in the tornado earlier this year. While this was going on this week, a team was working in the pool at the campground, draining the "mud" from it so it can be sanded and repainted, in time to put it to good use for the camps scheduled in January. Pictures are included if you click below. (Insider Stock Tip-If we Hagermans continue to be outside here, stock in sunscreen will be skyrocketing.)

Here's a shot of the pool. Dan and Ken were working with the filter, which was constantly being filled with glump, for lack of a better word. The ones inside the pool were using brooms/mops/whatever to keep the water stirred up, so as to avoid all the mud going through the filter at one time. Every couple minutes, the men stopped to clean out the filter, then it all started back up. As you can imagine, when the water was all drained, this erupted into a huge mudslinging water fight, much like that of recent politics (although these guys were nicer about it!)


  1. What a lot of work! Good for you but be careful not to tire out too much!

  2. Oooo. I have heard of many missions projects, but cleaning a post storm swimming pool is a first. :D

  3. Really nice meeting you today! Hope you can get some chocolate chips soon!

  4. Loved getting to know you yesterday! We definitely have to repeat it. And I have finally found your blog and will be here often too!


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