August 7, 2009

Quyquyho, the Long Way

Yesterday Amber and I accompanied the visiting mission team from (mostly) North Carolina on a day trip. We drove about 45 minutes and turned onto a dirt road, which we followed for about an hour. That was more fun for me as the driver than it was for the poor folks in the back seat and third row seats.

When we arrived in the little town of Quyquyho, we explored a piece of property several members of the team purchased for future ministry use. Then we visited a "soup kitchen" where around 150 children from the community are fed a solid meal each day. How beautiful to see the little smiles and the hot plates of food in front of them. The church who sponsors this project happened to have a team visiting at the time, so we got to know some brothers and sisters from England and Ireland. Neat folks!

The same couple who run the soup kitchen also house about 15 abandoned children in a lovely home, and it was wonderful to see them again and see how God is blessing them. What a joy to see the difference being made in this tiny community at the end of a LONG bumpy road!!


  1. Sounds like a neat place! Have to get my map out and see where it is! :)
    Blessings on your family this weekend! Hope it's restful!

  2. guess that meant no squatters....glad you had a good trip. hope to chat more soon....luv ya!


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