November 24, 2009


That's a fancy word for selling noodle dinners to raise money for a cause. We've bought from churches in construction projects and families in health/hospital crises, but this weekend, we took part in our first hosting of a tallarinada.

The tallarine (tie yar EEN) is a pasta about half the width of fettucine, but very commonly used here like we'd use spaghetti noodles. They mix these long strands with a homemade thin sauce of tomato juice and vegetable oil, and then slap a chicken quarter on top. Folks eat it up.

The local church sold them for the purchase of sound equipment and musical instruments. At $1/plate, they were going like hotcakes! We used our backyard and garage as the "kitchen." What fun it was! The heat was practically intolerable, but sitting under the shady mango trees while the pots heated up on homemade grills, we enjoyed the company of our Christian brothers and sisters. The event always draws a crowd, so neighbors came by and we all had a great time. Afterward, several games of volleyball topped off a great day, and all went home with full bellies.

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  1. Our family LOVES tallerines! The best part is the fellowship of coming together for a common goal. Hope you raised enough to buy your equipment.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, y'all!


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