November 17, 2009

I'll Huff and I'll Puff...

Remember the post I did a few weeks back about the David and Goliath Bible lesson at the school? The picture of little David decapitating Ken? His oldest brother Carlitos is one of the young men who was coming to youth activities we held in Arazaty, and we've visited their home several times. Ken took pictures of the children for the family photo project, and presented them to the mother. He was trying to take pictures of the whole family, but we never could catch this mom at home. She is a single mother with four children in the home, always walking to sell herbs and homemade cheese. Well, little David, whose name is actually Gabriel, and his family had a bit of a rough week.

The mother walked an hour to our house to tell us the storm that passed through last week, had destroyed their home. We drove back to take a look at it, and it was quite sad. The entire house, including the outdoor kitchen area we'd call a porch, is the size of a small American bedroom. It was built of mudbricks made by hand, and covered with a grass roof. When the roof came down, the one-year-old baby girl was sleeping inside, but thank God was only scratched up a bit.

When we got there, a couple uncles and another man from the neighborhood were chopping coconut palm trees down and peeling the trunks to use to frame the house in. The mother had made arrangements for the bricks, but was lacking the money for the roof. For this reason she walked to our house. Because the home is small, $60 took care of all the roofing sheets and nails. They are solid sheets of roofing that will keep out the rain and stand up to the wind much better than the former roof. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be able to buy this for her and give their family more peace of mind. Thank you again for helping us live in Paraguay and have opportunities to minister such as this one.


  1. What a wonderful Blessing!!!!

  2. Oh girl this brought tears to my eyes:) They are truly ones of awe in what God allows us mere humans to do and be apart of. Love with hugs & kisses, Sarah


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