November 23, 2009

Musical Endeavors

This weekend, we were asked to drive a local Christian band and some of their instruments, to a concert in the next town. Ken wasn't quite recovered (he's better now) from his sickness last week, so I was the designated chauffeur. Cars aren't nearly as plentiful here as at home, and women driving them are even more rare. So when I showed up behind the wheel, there were some looks of trepidation. All climbed in, though, and we ladies enjoyed a wonderful night of music.

We heard everything from Guarani rap to an Argentinian Southern gospel quartet (I'm not even kidding), and all in between. One of the performers was a famous Paraguayan folklorist, who sang about his birth-city, his relationship with God, and the Christian life. During the songs, as the guitarists continued to play, he recited poetry instead of place of verses. Caroline was quite impacted and has been making up poems and reciting them quite dramatically ever since.

Both girls have decided to try their hands at musical talent. Caroline has been taking guitar lessons from one of the local youth, and Camille started drum lessons from another. They are trading those out for English lessons. Gotta love kids who know how to barter!

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  1. For some strange reason I didn't get your last two posts until just now! Awesome news about the girls' interest in music; it's a huge part of the culture here!


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