February 12, 2010


Our local church is hosting a campaña this week, which is a series of nightly services (We'd usually term it a revival.) This campaña is being held outside at a recreational area. The field is full of guys playing soccer, of course, and older men playing volleyball, right up until the services start at 8:00 PM. There are a couple pieces of playground equipment to one side of the field, so little people are swinging and sliding and climbing trees (just like Zaccheus) throughout the services.

The location is terrific, right smack-dab in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. And since most people practically live outside anyway, there are folks in chairs in their front yards listening to the singing and preaching. Most of the visitors from the neighborhood who actually come close enough to sit in the chairs we've set out, are children. It's quite precious to see them respond each night in the altar call. The first night, I had the wonderful privilege of leading a group of kids in a prayer to invite Jesus into their hearts. When we finished, I asked if I could pray for each of them. One sweet little fella (10 years old or so?) burst into tears when I started the prayer for him. I asked him if there was anything in specific I could help him pray about, and he said, "For the whole world, that it will all be good and the people will be good and the families will be good and the world will be good. And that God will help us and won't leave us." So many people know about God but don't know Him enough to know He won't leave. I'm glad we have had the opportunity to help spread the word of His faithfulness to this community.

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