February 9, 2010

Even If....

Yesterday started out just like normal, really hot and the air heavy, kinda suffocating. About 2 PM, an intense windstorm passed through. Wait, did I mention it was a SOUTHERN WIND?!?! YAY! Remember, we're below the equator, so the further south you go, the cooler the temps are. And when the wind blows in from the south, it's a happy day. It brings a refreshing nip of cold, even in the summer. They call it the viento sur (south wind) and it makes everyone happy. Yesterday, in the course of about 15 minutes, the temperature dropped 30 degrees. It was HEAVENLY!

I was reminded in the wind--which blew in dust like a storm from those movies set in the desert--that so many things depend on perspective. Normally, going south means you're heading to Florida, and you'll be needing some sunscreen. Here, you head north for the warmer weather. Perspective changes everything.

We read this morning about Paul's decision to be content in all circumstances, in Philippians 4. He was the ultimate missionary, standing in the gap to keep Christianity from becoming a mono-cultural religion. He had to deal with quite a bit of culture shock, to be sure, and his visits weren't always met with welcoming receptions. But he said he had learned to be content in all circumstances. Even if it was too hot. Even if he couldn't find Reese's peanut butter cups and root beer at the local market. Even if he didn't know what the people on the street were saying about him as he walked by. Even if his day didn't go as planned. Even if.... Help us, Lord, to always be content, even if. (And thanks for the viento sur!)

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