February 16, 2010

Noche de Kepis

A kepi is a ballcap, and each year, churches in the nearby town of Quiindy host Ballcap Night. I'm not really sure why they call it that, because only a few people wear hats. However, there is a prize given each year for the most original hat.

This year, Camille, Caroline, and one of their friends all decided to wear crazy hats. Caroline's was a huge foam fish, which she almost chickened out of wearing once she got there and realized hardly anyone even had on a normal hat. Her braveness won her first prize, which turned out to be a little foam soccer ball.

Ken chose a foam pig's face and put a wire in the tail that curled out of the back of it. He received a lot of funny looks and brought home second prize. Okay, the second prize was a tiny pair of stretchy shorts, Caroline's size.

Camille wore a cowboy hat with wildly colored stripes. She has a unique style anyway, and doesn't mind a bit of attention. She took third prize, a sparkly belt (which she is waving around in the photo). I just wore my WonderWoman cap and didn't intend to participate in the competition, but since there were only a few hats, the emcee insisted ALL hatted folks come forward. I left with forth prize--a goodie bag with hairbows and little toys, and a pair of basketball socks with Michael Jordan's number.

The actual event was really fun, with a guest band, a special speaker, and several church groups performing skits or songs. We got to see lots of people we know, enjoy the cool breezes, and bring home prizes! Did I mention that 14 of us crowded into a van to get there, and I rode in Ken's lap the whole way? Nice way to greet Valentine's Day, huh?

Let me just add here that it's nice to have a personal photographer around. I'm guilty of living in the moment more than preserving it, so many Kodak memories pass us by as a family. Hollie and Amber have been good boosts to our photo collection, and once again, this photo is being shared with you because the real camera people are nice enough to share. Thanks, Hollie!



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  2. Sounds like a fun evening! Imagine--all of you won a prize! :) Have a nice day!

  3. Sounds SO fun! The hats are really cute : )


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