March 31, 2010

Dr. Henry Takes on Paraguay/Uruguay

Our first week with Dr. J. Gordon Henry was a real blast, as he became part of the family and moved in downstairs. Caroline took to him right away and wanted to always be sure he had what he needed. He's quite a tough fella, having just finished some grueling days in Venezuela, then coming straight here and jumping into a few prayer seminars in Paraguay. So by the time we got to Uruguay, we thought he'd at least be a bit tired.

But you can't keep this man down. He was up early, rolling through the days, and navigating the streets of Montevideo unaccompanied and not even bothered by the fact that he doesn't speak Spanish. Did I mention that the man is in his 70's? He insisted on carrying his own suitcases and walking where possible, rather than jumping in a taxi. He's just amazing.

When we got to Uruguay, our expected translator got a little case of cold feet, and I jumped in as a standby. That's a really intimidating thing, to put the Word into words that can be understood. But thankfully, by then I'd heard the seminar 4 or 5 times and was familiar with the material. One church taped the sessions to use later in their radio program, which did nothing to help my nervousness about translating. But Dr. Henry is very gracious and has much experience with having someone at his side speaking a different language.

He uses a lot of crowd participation techniques that really work well as memory aids. His life experiences sprinkled throughout the sessions give the participants a glance into not only his personal journey through prayer, but also examples of how prayer works around the world.

His prayer seminars are really enlightening, and if you get the chance to attend one, we'd sure recommend it. Considering that he's still actively crossing the country and the globe, he's sure to be in a town near you. It didn't matter what area we mentioned, he personally knew at least one person there and could describe with great detail the street layout of that particular town. Asombroso!

In the picture above, Dr. Henry is on the left of the photo with the Pastor at his side in a lighter blue shirt. The Pastor's mother- and father-in-law came to the church to cook us a wonderful lunch of milanesa.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to have worked with him in getting the prayer seminars out to the Christian family in Paraguay and Uruguay.

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