April 1, 2010

Behind the Doors Ministries

We worked with a church in Uruguay called Ministerio Tras la Puerta (Behind the Doors Ministries), which can only be described as dynamic. They hosted us for two prayer seminars, one in their downtown location and another about 30 minutes from the capital. They also really showered us with hospitality and went out of their way to make us comfortable during our stay.

The church is very active in their community, with radio programs, evangelism teams made up of their youth and children, prison ministry that has resulted in stable church members after their release, and even classes in missions, music, and English. They have a real heart for reaching their city. Many of them became our personal friends as they'd drop by during the week to visit or come early to services to talk with us. A big group accompanied us in the buses to the airport, with a classic movie-style send off at the gate.

The Pastor has two girls basically the same ages as Camille and Caroline, and they were instant friends. It was scary how much the younger one looked and acted like Caroline. Hollie met a few young ladies her age, too, and spent the night with them a couple times. It was great for them to make connections personally and learn first-hand what was happening in another country. Camille was even interviewed on the air during their Saturday evening radio program!

Their downtown church is located in an 1800's European-style home, where they allowed us to occupy a couple bedrooms to avoid the tourist-priced hotels. Each room had stained glass windows either in the ceiling or the walls, and the architecture was just gorgeous. The church members came together with bedframes and mattresses for us, and had prepared a welcome basket full of snacks for our arrival. We know God will bless them and their ministries for their openness to the seminars and their hospitality in receiving us. We look forward to hearing about their successes! (More photos follow...)

Ken preaching the Sunday morning service in the San Fuentes church

Scenes from the foyer

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  1. It's so easy to praise gifts for evangelism, prophecy, teaching-- they're just so big and loud and obvious! :D But it makes me wonder sometimes if we always appreciate enough the gifts some people have been given for pouring out hospitality when it's so easy to take it for granted. I think this is why I aprticularly love that you made such specific and detailed mention of the beautiful gift your brothers and sisters in Uruguay have for hospitality. What a great way to encourage and strengthen the *family* during your trip. What a refreshing sight. What a blessing! :D


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