July 1, 2012

CEB's 15th Anniversary

You may remember our friends, missionaries Jerry and Connie White.  They've lived in Paraguay for pretty close to 20 years, and they are the pastors of Iglesia CEB (Bible Teaching Center Church). They've been a great blessing to us, encouraging and advising us, hosting prayer seminars, sharing their teaching resources, and occasionally surprising us with some of the best homemade cookies this side of the equator.  The church is a lighthouse of God's love, reaching out with ministries to the community, prison, and children's hospital, to name a few.  

The children presenting a song
One of the coolest things about this church is that they don't actually have a building.  They have recently built a closed-in area for their stage, but for now, services take place in the great outdoors--my favorite place for church.  :)  We've been there in freezing, windy weather, as well as on scorching, sunny days, and I can testify that extreme weather doesn't seem to deter these dedicated folks.

We were honored to be invited to the church's 15th anniversary celebration in June, just a week or so after the Whites arrived back in Paraguay from their recent stateside time.  This was a special service full of songs, presentations, and God's vision for the continued work in this area.  A special treat was meeting four of the original "founding families" who are still active today.  Afterward, we enjoyed an asado lunch--dinner on the ground, we'd call it, although we ate at tables....  ;)  What a joy to be a part of their special day, and our prayer is that God continues to bless this church as they continue to bless Paraguay.

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